12:33:00 AM

Homed (:

actually , was home for quite awhile.
happened to spotted some nice tv show and gt attracted to it.
Bro com is having some tiny lil problem ,
all of the sudden his USB device cans lost connect and the whole com lose
its internet connection .
shags ~
so much for a new com huh ?
its less den a year and problems are coming up.
Freebies are nv any good.

so , yes...
went out with the ladies as ie mention earlier ..
went to bugis .
shopped ard and yes!
looking at nana shop is like woah!
guess thats the benefits of working uh ?
u earn money every month and thus having lots of extra $$$ u can spend.

Oh , im getting kaming a christmas present (:
Hehe .
had a ' survey ' one the watch he likes today .
yups , gonna get him a watch ..
overheard him talking abt wanting to get a watch recently.
But , ie cant get him those branded and expensive watch uh ...
rly tight this month .
mummy birthday is like 2 weeks away ...
so , most probably , gonna dig out some $$$ frm piggy bank .

My poor piggy bank , gonna be hungry soon.
Hahahas xD
So , gonna get mummy a bag and kaming a watch .
Not expensive but nice (:
CAS gonna be broke!!
who wanna give me some money as christmas prezzie?!
* hinting .... =B

so , anws .
am ie sua gu or what ..
today is the first time ie saw steamboat laksa .. -.-'
special ...
or am ie just sua gu,

Oh , btw did ie mention that a kindsoul teacher gave me a ride to yck mrt today ?
cause we happened to live close by and it was raining laaa.
so , he told me he would give me a lift!
How nice of him .
Thanks ____ !

Alrights , got nothing much to update abt...

here are todays pic (:

pic taken at home
ie look ugly w/o fringe.

Taken at bugis

Picture Of the LOVE btn GEORGINA and ME

A girl fated to be born for me to LOVE <3
take one , unsuccessful.
Take two , still can be better?
Take three , BESTEST pic (:
see how hard she wanna kiss me?
so ..
ie consider for awhile and .....
ie decided to kiss her tooo (:
how could ie ever resist her cherry lips.
geo said : we are forever kissing each other.
Yes , ie definitely agree to her words (:
After a tiring day (:
a rest on each other would do us goood =B

Alrights ,
notice very less pic of nana?
cause she's too busy shopping laas ,
so ..
me and geo spent our day taking pic !
Hahahs ,
gonna go wash off my make up now.
stay tune (:


ps : ie just found out something , ie wish it isnt real ..
Haiis , ie gt a feeling ..
ie gonna get hurt real deep once agains

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