5:31:00 PM

manage to sleep at only ard 6 last nite and woke up at 12?
however , like ie said ..
its more painful to be awake ..
so , ie shut my eye and force myself to sleep agains..
until abt 5 , ie woke up ..
head feeling so dizzy .
guess , thats due to all the crying last nite huh .

Anws , todays sleep isnt cooperating with me..
had nitemares , shags ~
so ie actually cried in my sleep and awake.
gOd ..
suddenly , no idea why .. pg entered my mind -.-
im not gonna fall for that trick .
haiis , guess ie niid something to ease my pain .
Maybe sat zouk will do me gooood ?

since nana's mum is thr , ie would not to be afraid if im drunk or what ..
Just wanna escape reality just for awhile , thats all im requsting..
Hmms :/

Bro internet broke down just now ...
cant connect to the internet no matter what .
making me fcuking pissed off ._.
But , after not giving up and continue trying it work .

somehow , ie asked myself ..
will it be the same for u and me?
If ie hold on and not give up , will everything finally be a happy ending?
Haiis D;
so many things are in my mind , and ure not here for me.
stay tune (:


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