9:15:00 PM


My nightmare returned.
Woke up today ard 10+ ?
cause of stupid nightmaree..

So , msged sheryl and told her wunt be going to our sch concert .
as ie find it meaningless.
Tonight when the clock strike 12am ,
it will be mummy 40th birthday :D
Hahahas !

So anws , recieve a weird fone call today .

guy : hello , casandra uh .
me: yea?
- dunnoe what happened -
guy : hello , call wrong no.

ie wonder which casandra he was abt to call , named the same as me.
hahahas !

so , like today was suppose to go partyworld at midnight with the ladies ..
But , cancelled last min .
so , yeaah.
save my make ups?
nope , is save my cab fare ...
cause ie will have to cab all the way to orchard as ie was meeting them
after 12am .. -.-'
gonna cab all the way to orchard , costly man!

So , yeaa .
maybe gonna go hang out with my primary schmates soon .
Lihua asked me out today , but ie thought im going out ltr ..
so , told her ie cant make it.
sorry girl (:
will ask u out soon yea?!
Misses ~

To the dot ,
can u pls grow up ? instead of giving such rude comments here
ie suggest u tell us a time and place to meet and have a chat .
cause , seriously ..
ie have no idea what that causes u to be so unhappy about ( maybe too bored at hm ? )
thus , coming here and making a fool out of urself .
Instead , ie suggest we meet up and talk about this right?
there might be some misuderstandings what ...
so , yeah ..
rly appreciate it if u would kindly stop spamming .
Thankyou !

Yups , so .. think ie gonna lie on my bed for awhile ,
no idea why ..
im having headaches the whole day -.-'
shags ~
thinking too much ie suppose?
stay tune (:


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