10:29:00 PM

parents came hm from work at ard 10pm.

cas : daddy.
dad : Helloo cas , what u doing?
cas : playing com .
dad : why u so sad?
cas : huh .. whr gt.

Hmm , parents are complaining nowadays.
mum ytd complain why ie looked sad for the past 2 days.
Okays , ie better strt to smile or ..
my parents are going to get worry.

ie dont noe , im fcuking emo lately.
ie sleep until 4pm and still ie dunwans to wake up .
ie just force myself to sleep.
somehow , ie rather sleep den being awake.
ie feel sooo unhappy to be awake.

everyday ie wake up ..
only my maid and dog is at hm.
ie will be in my dark room hugging my pillow playing the com alone.
if a stranger walks in , ie believe they will freak out ..
thinking a ghost is facing the com.

somehow , im rly unhappy and pissed off lately.
ie have no idea why .( or maybe ie do noe why ... )
ie get so frustrated like , just 1 tiny poke and ie can explode as if ie got slap -.-'
hmmms , whats happening to me?!

well , not going to ah ma hus today .
cause daddy's ill D;
stay tune (:


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