4:33:00 AM

Someone hurt my feelings today,
What is this leaking down my face?
My mother asks if I’m okay.
My voice is cracking when I say…
' Yes mummy , im okay '

its 4:30am now.
still ie cant sleep..
cried for 2 hrs just now ,
Haiis D;
Its better for me not to say it here..
guess , everything will just go to my private blog.

Well , ie did something bad today ..
feel so guilty..
ie hurt my pet , mayko D:
Not on purpose but ie didnt noe what happened.
she wanted to jump of the sofa ..
and ie went to push her softly ..
nv did ie expect her to fly -.-'
she whole body hit the corner of the table..
the shape point..
she made that painful sound..

ie immdly carry her up ..
ie touch her ' waist ' and she made that painful sound agains.
God , my heart felt so pain ,
ie felt so guily..
but she lick my face .
Hahas , thats my dog ;D

So , anws .. she alright now .
just a few mins of in pain ..
den ltr ie fed her some mango and she starts running ard.
ie purposely made her jump to see if she hurt her backbone or nort.
luckily , she seems fine (:
whew -.-'
if anything happen to her ..
ie dont noe what ie will do .

People says dog is man's bestfriend.
ie agree with that , she seems to sense that im upset about whatever thats
happening with me and him ..
so when im lying on the sofa ,
she jump up and rest her head on my head .
A loyal pet who will nv leave my side no matter what .
a man's bestfriend.

Haiis D;
so , anyways ..
the new maid come..
her name is titin
lol , she's wearing specs laa.
wonder how she work.
anyways , she looks more like a singaporean rather den a indonesian -.-
Hahahas .
Hopefully she can get along with mayko uh .

Haiis D;
why am ie so unwilling to let anything end right now..
ie dunnoe -.-
lost and hurted.
stay tune (:


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