4:24:00 PM

wahh wahh .
boredd !!!! :(

peepos , dont leave casandra alone in the hus!!
Hahahas , cause ie usually leave my sats free as kaming bk out ,
and thats the only week ie get to spend with him..
But , now!
aiyya , bu yao shuo lers.
u noe , ie feel like going
omg , realise , all abt sports .
hehe ,
den , ie feel like watching TWILIGHT , WILD CHILD , MADASCAR(sp)2 ,BOLTS and some , forget their name...
whu wanna enjoy movies with meeee :)

Ok , ie say until ie have alot of $$$ go watch all these..
hehe , but ..
ie rly feel like watching and especially ICE SKATING ,
dunnoe how long alr .. dying to play ice skating laa!

Alrights , so ..
ie decided to write abt a particular stuff ..
That ie realise , alot of ppl spams me abt me HOLDING onto kaming,
and kaming dun love me stuff.
Yes , ie wunt deny ie CANT LET HIM GO .
after like coming 2 years tgt + after we brk , we still meet ups for 6 months ..
in actual facts , its like after 2 years 6 months spent tgt regardless as friends or bf/gf .
But , all these while ie still loved him like fcuking alot laa .
Whats wrong with me cant let go , yeah .. call me thick skin or whatever ..
ie dun care .. and ie seriously dun see what rights u guys have to comment on my
love towards kaming.

maybe u guys didnt love before ..
well , shurely .. u guys did .. but ie guess ie merely the 1-5 months stuff .
den brk ups and move on to another girl ...
Yes , what im trying to say here is PUPPYLOVES.

when u ever last with a GIRL / BOY for like 2 years or so ...
den , come and tell me HOW easy it is for u to let go this person .
Okay , some will say , its easy for them ..
den , all ie can do is * claps * ie admire u , cause u are strong .
ie do ask myself , why some can let go easily , why some cant .
guess , thats different ppl with different personality .
However , ie see no rights of u peepos come here saying me and descriminating me and stuff .

So , anws ..
skipping lunch today ..
guess , gonna eat a meal only .
lOl .
stay tune (:


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