6:22:00 PM

waiting for relatives to come my hus now.
Hmm , woke up at ard 9+ today ...
slept back and woke up at 1 + slept agains ..
all the way till 4pm.

mood sucks today .
However as ie decided not to worry my family .
ie requsted to watch a dvd tgt.
watched ' WANTED'
altho ie watch it b4 , but they didnt.
and , sad thing was..
they didnt enjoy the show.

Hmm , ate maggie mee ...
its rare that ie eat maggie mee on a sunday .
But , nvm.
so , anws .
Someone is having a moodswing and caused me to have my moodswings too .
Hmmm ,
but ...
he wants me to leave him alone.
so , boy ...
if u niid a listening ears , can come to me.
Hopefully , im nort ur problems to ur moodswings uh.

anws , just a short update.
Gonna watch 'secrets' on mysoju now.
HotShot next eps is nort yet uploaded -.-'
when will they upload their next esp!
rahhh -.-'

Alrights ,
stay tune peeps.
ie gt some overdue pic ..
but im lazy to upload them .
next time uh~


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