11:31:00 PM

When will I know that the time is right?
For me and you to be together again?

didnt go out today -.-'
stayed home and emo.
Hahahas ,
well ie wunt say exactly emo ...
But ie was in my room all alone once agains .

parents didnt work today but they went out early in the morning.
they gonna off tmr agains cause daddy's nort feeling well , so as mum .
Hmmm ,
hope they bring me out tmr?
im all covered up in spiderwebs and dust .

Yes , read up some newspaper while ie was bored..
Ok , dont screammm .. is nort the first time CASANDRA is reading newspaper ._.
and , ie saw this article ..
think it was 2 days ago ?
its abt this guy gt killed by the tigers in singapore zoo .
was totally shocked went ie read this.
its the first time ever that a person gt killed in singapore zoo .
they said their worst serious case of att of elephants ?
im nort shure...

Hmmms :/
im wondering why the tigers would att him ?
like , zoo keepers go into the tigers cage all day ..
they dont get att .
why him ?
ie dont get it.
Also , they said it was a sucide act .
But which fool will choose to die by letting wild beast tearing him apart .

And tourist who saw this?
what an experience they get visiting singapore...
some thought it was a show .
Hahahs .
why , ie will be thinking its an act too uh .
guess , we cant predict an animal's act .

Well , so ...
feeling pretty bored right now -.-
No progress btn US.
But he did msg me this morning ...
gald to noe ure missing me ;D
well .

Just feels neglected.
ie wan ur attention , ie seeks ur attention ..
But , u airnt looking ..
at the pain in me ._.

goodnites peepos.
Pic not up yet ..
cause still lazy to upload them.
maybe tmr?
stay tune (:


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