3:56:00 AM

'Why are your words so cold each time i call you?
no sweetness in your words no sweetness in your speak .'

Just a random quote.
thought i would share?

Hmms :/
Look at the time , 4am.
Looked at the date , 171108.
6 months since we brk up.
woah ._.

Alrights ,
ie cant sleep ...
lots of thought in my head .
so , ie did some research ..
yes , ie noe ..
sound some kind of professor ..
doing research ?
Well , im suppose to be sleeping 1 hr ago ...
But , ie just cant uh -.-'

So , ie believe many peeps out there are asking ..
does my ex still have feelings for me ?
Why , im asking that qus tooo -.-

Love is the strangest thing in life..
It make u do some stranges thing , for instance .
Falling in love unkowing den breaking up the very next day -.-
weird huh ?
I know , some says is puppy love ...
why , this ..
only couples btn themselves noe uh ?
But .. im nort talking abt these stuff...
The strange thing is when u keep thinking about ur ex even after a long break up.
Sometimes, we tend to complicate things ourselves.
We hurt the ones we love, we fight with the one we love and then ultimately break up
only to wish you could undo all the wrong things that happened.
Moving on in life is the obvious answer but
what if your ex was really out of this world and you can’t unfortunately move on in life?
Like ie said before,
love makes you do strange things like yearning
to be with your ex and wishing for those good old days.

well , here are signs to help u know if YOUR ex still have feelings for u or not!

'If you are in touch with your ex then it will be easier to gauge his/her feelings.
Does your ex call you more than often?
Even if you claim to be ‘just friends’,
do you feel you spend more time with him/her than
you would normally do with a friend?
Does he/she find constant ways to keep in touch with you the whole day?
It could be through chat, through SMS or even phone calls.
You need to judge the amount you communicate
with each other to know if you have something special in store!'

[ Okay , quite saddening after reading this... cause.. somehow .. it isnt happening towards me D;
well , he was close to me a fews days ago ... and , ie dont noe what happened after that -.-' ]

'Do your meetings with your ex result in flirtation or talks about the time you spent?
Any amount of intimacy is a sure sign he/she is still interested in you but in that case,
it would be a better idea to have a direct talk to avoid getting hurt again.
This would help you to know what is going on his/her mind. '

Note , these are copied from the website.
anyways , just wanna share some info .
ie dont noe if its TRUE or NOT , however ...
hope it do some helps to all of u uh?

Hmms :/
so , anws...
took some pic during grandma's birthday ..
will be posting them up either tmr / the day after tmr uh ?!

Well ,
he said he have no idea whats happening to him lately.
ie dunnoe what ie shuld do ...
experts say , leave them alone.
so , doing according to what experts says -.-'

Somehow , lots of negative thoughts are flowing into my brains now.
eg .
He dont love me anymore..
He dont care for me anymore..
I'm alone once agains ...

But , arrgh!
fcuk negative thoughts....
ie must remeber this quote..

'If you put negative energy into a situation, it will not have a positive outcome.'

Yess , so ... No negative thoughts!
All shooo~
feels so depress and upset .
obviously .. ie feels neglected. -.-

Alrights .
Goodnites peepo...
stay tune (:


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