6:43:00 PM

Woke up at ard 8am today ..
Haiis D;
did not have any good sleep last nite.
called him, he didnt ans.
so msg him.
after awhile, he called.
Asked him some qus ..

Not gonna talk abt it here.
Anws , went back to sleep until ard 3?
woke up , bath , changed and put a very very super light make up...
went down to thomson plaza to help my mum do some stuff.
after that , bought rojak and bus home.

Took a pic however .. rly lazy to upload them .
besides , im not in good mood at all .
anws ,
someone called me today .
ie was like emotionless den my fone rang .
answered .

cas : hello .
guy : hello.
cas : whu is this?
guy : im jason . are u casandra?
( ie thought it was my ex la .. )
cas : yeahh i am ...
- phone lagged -
guy : are u casandra???
cas : yes.
guy : im from the HSBS company , do u noe what is HSBS?
cas : Huh...?? * lagg * hello ? * phone lag* Noo..
guy : hello ?? HSBS a bank ..
cas : huh ? oh ... er yes.. can u liek call bakk ltr , here no network.
guy : why u so stupid HSBS oso dont know ..
- kup -

WTF laa .
Ok , up to now , ie have no idea singapore have a bank call HSBS?!!
and ie was scolded stupid by some idiotic guy .
so , like whatever.
im not in the mood to entertain this guy anyways ..
guess . ie gt prank.
So , like whatever laa.

New maid will be here today ..
Hopefully she isnt afraid of dogs.
Hmm , got nothing much to say alr..
stay tune (:


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