5:55:00 PM

didnt felt like blogging as ie have nothing to blog.
was msg-ing with weiseng whole day .
and ie asked him tell me what to write abt .

weiseng says : stay at home . watch tv . Then nana ps you . Hahas Blahblahblah.
lol .

Nana , see ... weiseng ask me to write abt u ps me ..
suppose to meet nana today .
but she nehneh narden , sleep until forget me.
nv even DREAM abt me :(
so , ie complained to weiseng that ie will kill nana if ie see her.
and he say im violent.

If ie walk up to the police and tell that this guy wanna kill me ...
and If he walks up to the police and tell that this girl wanna kill him .
ie believe the police will choose to believe me lohs.
u idiot dodo .

so , ie have nort eat anything for the whole day ...
and im chewing my chewing gum now .
sadded , this causing my gastric to pain .
fk .
think ie gonna spit it out soon .

NANA and GEORGINA , u still owe me pic .
u kuku idiots.
hahahas , ive completely nothing to blog abt cause im sleeping almost half of my day away .
and now im scaring weiseng .. with my
" hehehe * evil laughs "
Think he falls for it , he must be wondering what im blogging abt now.
hahahahas ;D

well , im going to eat my dinner at 7pm den watch tv bahs.
lol .
Okays lahs .
random post , nothing much to write liaooo .
hehehehe * evil laughs
Oka ...

Oh , recieve the pic on christmas eve , frm geo alr :)
Hot babe and me :)
slacking at mac.
candid shots.

stay tune (:


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