6:03:00 PM

hello world ,
woke up so early this morning, and im feeling so tired now.

However agree with my beloved cousins to watch night movies with them.
Gosh , im sleeping alr.
not enough sleep last night.
We are going to watch ' BEAST STALKER '
never heard of this show ,
hopefully , praying hard that this show will worth the watch .
dunwanna waste $$$ on tix agains.
lol .
Think im nort gonna waste money on midnight cab fare ..
gonna walk hm with bro ?

Well , woke up at 9am as we're sending tarlem to the airport.
change and put super light make up so that ie wunt have to wash off my make up ltr on.
just have to touch up on them.
amazingly , ie didnt put black eye shadow today .
Hahaha , just some beach color ... and alil brown.
super light right?
plus , fake lashy.

ie realise its been awhile ie use liquid eyeliner alr ,
last time ... liquid eyeliner is like part of my make ups ,
w/o them , ie feel super odd .
But , ie now realise that black eye shadow is actually a better one..
wunt fade + it wunt look thick .
hahahas :)

So , after everything was done..
daddy drove us to terminal 1.
and we went terminal 3 to have our breakfast .
and ltr helped tarlem to check in .

Oh , ie saw this two sweet couple la ,
guy super handsome , girl's look is also pretty!
den , the guy is going to jakarta , so sad ..
the girl looked at him thru the glass window as they wave goodbye folo by
a flying kiss ...
and he turn and walk away ..
OMG , felt like im watching a movie la.
lol .
tarlem went in at ard 1:20 ?

Dad den brought us to wampor as mum and dad
wanna get a hair cut .
lol ,
both super style sia their hair.
lol .
what a trendy parents ie got here :)
pity me and bro laa ,
we walked ard wampor and the salon is too crowded .
so tired la.
After their hair cut , sat down to top up our stomach den
headed off home cause parents got wedding
dinner to attended at 7pm .

LOL , gonna take some rest now , meeting geo at 8.30pm ?
yups !
*cross finger* hope that the movie is niceeee!
Ok , pic will be uploaded ltr?
stay tune (:


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