6:27:00 PM


hey peepos , didnt go out today .
suppose to go to wampor to get the stuff ie left at thr .

However ,
bro woke me up in the afternoon and tell me
he would go down to wampor alone as he will be meeting with his friends ltr.
So , yups :)

BUTBUT , tmr im going down to wampor agains as NANA wants to get her hair cut too.
so , yes .
after that she wanna go to far east ?
so , yeahh .
gonna sleep early tonite as we will be meeting early tmr.

So , have been slacking the whole day at home.
yes , indeed .. im bored.
all of the sudden ie gt the urge to look thru all our past memories.
ie dunnoe why ie did that , but ie did it laa.
lol , and SUDDENLY ,
guess what thing hit me...
instead of feeling sad , ie actually had this strong wanting ..
to take more fotos together.
ie was like wow , ie gonna get more pic tgt man !

Omg , wait wait ..
ie wasnt myself for that fcuking 2 mins , its like ..
suddenly , my whole brain was working in a way like we both are tgt.
ie look look look den sudden ,
my brain wire gt tangled up ,
ie smiled ( crazy ie noe ) and ie was like ..
' we got to take more pic tgt '
so freaky laas.
ie think ie got ' gui san sheng ' la.
lol .

But at the same time , ie miss him super alot.
Okays , ie think ie gonna ban myself for looking thru all the pictures we had tgt !
cause ,
ie dun wish the news to say ,

A sixteen years old girl was found dead at block xxx.
Cause of committing suidce.
OK , JOKE !!
the whole commiiting suidce thing is a JOKE yea?!
dont take it for real ok ?
im still not to the extend that ie will die for a guy la.
lol .

anws , suffered frm gastric pain this afternoon ,
ie dunnoe why , just kept feeling like vomitting.
like , my whole gastric is twisted or something .
ie toss ard in my bed , cold sweat dripping from my head to neck .
my back was all sweaty ..
ie woke up and went to eat something hot.
well , lucky.. it did help abit.
But , im still feeling alil pain in my gastric now.
whats happening to me.
arrgghh .

Anws , just some random post :)
stay tune (:


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