3:06:00 AM

Hi people !

My auntie just went home , finally ...
can use the com cause ie had to accompany my lil nephew just now.
not updating much now :/
cause its alr fcuking late and ie still haven bath yet!!
rahh .

Hahaha ,
Okays , ie got 8 points and my target was 6 ?
but nvm ,
ie got a 1 for my combine humans.
first time passing for my POA .
HAPPPPPPY but worry .
ie decided to continue to sec 5 , however ...

like my older cousin who's studying in master said .
ie rly rly have to put in alot alot alot alot of effort.
cause he said for N lvl , ie shuld be getting a 3 points at least as its a piece of cake.
ie agree with him .
ie did badly!
its N lvl and ie scored so poorly , how am ie going to make it for O?

Haiis , nbms.
im nort gonna think of negative ,
im striving hard , studying hard .
ie must at least get a diploma cert ;D
studying super duper hard starting frm next year ,
ie will be a nerd or whatsoever ,
just need to tahan 1 more year and yes!
im off to poly if can to jc . ( thinking too much )
But , its ok to think cause if u think u will strive.
den to U .

My dad gave me this words of encouragement as ie was rly afraid ..
ie gonna scored badly for O .
' wo dui ni you xin xing , ni xing de!!' as he patted my shoulder .
den ie tell myself !
since dad alr have such confidences in me ,
ie shouldnt disappoint him!
gonna make him proud ;D
hahahahas ,

Sec 5 here ie come , a whole new casandra .
Study will be my piority next year ,
everyone , must encourage me to study when ie start to slack ok!!!
hahahaha ,
so happy all sisters tgt promote.
but ie scored the lowest alr :(

Swee scored a THREE !!!
clever la she ...
Chia scored a SEVEN
shiling scored a FIVE
Me , a EIGHT
sheryl skipped N lvl , good lohs , extra idiot.
lOl .

hehe , everyone who passed .
WELL DONE * claps *
we are alr one step closer to poly / jc .
CONTINUE striving hard ....

Ok , fcuking tired.
3am alr ,
ie wan go bath and sleep .
im still waiting for geo to send me the pics taken in her cam .
so , ie wunt be updating on genting trip first .
well , christmas is super near ....

Get rdy for christmas peoples!!!!!
hehehe :)

stay tune (:


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