1:18:00 AM

homed .

met up with my 4 years friend , miss them sia ;D
first , went to bugis with weiseng .
follow him go eat lunch but ie didnt cause im on a diet .

after that , he acc me to cityhall , when ie saw my friends ,
they are so different lahs.
all become grown up liao .
hahaha , how time fly so fast ,
was quite shy / paiiseh at first uh ..
cause its like 4 years didnt see each other =.-
lucky weiseng at thr help me entertain them.
hahahah , or ie die man!
Oh , they was so sweet to buy me chocolate.
thanks so much guys !!
ie didnt expected it and ie didnt brought any present
make me so paiiseh to accept their gift.

DEN ard 7:20 , weiseng got to go work liao ..
so , left with me and them ;D
walked ard.

saw ivan , STUPID veggi , gary , joey , issac at thr too , lol .
so , ate mac den walk ard but we rly cant think of anywhere to go or do ,
maybe due to the awarkardness?
nbms , next time :)
slacked til abt 9:30pm den went to find nana .
as my friends headed home.

Nana and ie headed to tanjong pajar , go to ' club sabai sabai ' , weiseng's workplace to 'visit' him
hahaha ,
drank dunnoe what coke mix with dunnoe what liquor. ,
this dodo treated =.-
u hor........ !!
watch live band until ard 11:30
hurry take the last train back home.
lol .

some pic are in nana's hp .
will upload when she upload the pic :(

oh , nana super suay today ,
she lost her only pair of contact lens .
so , tmr gonna meet her at 11am at bishan .
have to wake up early and rush to sch to buy books first .
so , im going to bath and rush to sleeep nowww !

Oh , here are today's pic taken using my hp .
ie look damn weird here
dodo and his dodo trademark .
who wan 2 fishball?!
gary and guys .
candid shot of darryl ;D
my pri 6 friend :)
pretty and handsome friends ;D

stay tune :)


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