2:02:00 PM

its a fresh start of a new chapter of my life.
sadness is not an option and happiness doesnt really exist.
thinking of the past will never bring the past happiness back so why think of your history?
survive your current situations and live on...

found this frm a friend's friendster and ie find it rly meaningful :D

Well , im staying hm whole day as friends all busy today .
tmr going out w weiseng.

Ohhh , my reds are here .... :(
no wonder im tired these days.
Hahaha , well .
that's girl.

guy will nv understand what girl are going thru ,
every month have to suffer from cramps , moodswing etc....
imagine wearing a small pampers at ur dick there ,
uncomfortable right .
den , instead of the guys trying to understand what we have to go thru ,
they add on to it !
do things behind ur back , ignore u when u need them ... etc~
they shuld get a punishment to be a girl for at least 1 year den they will understand girl's
trouble and pamper the girl how they are suppose to be pampered.

well , im on a diet agains as ie ate super alot during the trip .
so , im wan to slim down at least 2kg :)
nort gonna eat anything until dinner .
hehe !!

stay tune (:


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