2:16:00 AM

just reach hm ..
Hmms , many to blog and post pic .
im nort in the mood now .
moodswing ie suppose?

ie cant believe ie cried listening to ' mi die xiang '
so many memories just rushed into my head ..
recently , he has been on my mind frequently , idk why .
idiot , hate it lahs .
den today at playground slacking den decided to hear song ..
and , suddenly ie felt like listening to ' mi die xiang '
while listen , ie smiled to myself when ie think abt our dance step ...
at the same time , my tears just rolled down my face.
Haiis .

Forget it , no mood to blog at all .
sorry dodo ..
Thanks for trying to console me ...
But this thing is something ie have to overcome and face it myself.
Goodnights ppl , more update tmr?

stay tune (:


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