10:20:00 PM

Ok , im blogging abt genting :)
cause ie recieve all the pic alr!
hehehe ,
didnt slept on that day , cause ie hate being awake in the bus ..
just sitting thr staring in space for a few hrs .
ie rather sleep thru out and wake up feeling fresh once ie reach genting :)
hahahahas ,
so anws .
woke parents up at 5am as we change .
one thing ie hate abt going on holiday is we have to wear disposable panties :(
its like very uncomfortable de lor , feel so 'insecure' .
lol , but bo bian!

so , after that went to pick geo , dion and their maid up .
wahlao , have to squeeze as their maid quite big size.
hahaha , ie have to sit on geo leg.
girl , u must be hornoured man!!
dunnoe how many ppl wish ie would sit in that position on them man .
Hahahaha JOOOKE.
ok ,
reached golden mile as we went to eat while waiting for gandma and grandpa to come.

so , got on the bus at 7pm :)
hehe , custom wasnt that busy that day , just ard 30 mins and we are off to go :)
so , we're lucky !
reached genting ard 2:30pm :)
slept all the way ... hehehe.

Ok , ie will let the pic do the talking uh !!

playing mahjong the day before.
hahahahs :)
random shots , decided to take the time we leave .... :)
dad and mum .
Okays , ie MUST MUST find a guy who love me that much ....
my mum is soo lucky :)
eating our breakfast
This girl fall alseep first .
Hahaha , finally ! genting .
look at this cute girl :)
randoms shots .
After checking in , its time to grab a bite :)
my face was rdy , my hand wasnt :(
This wasnt the pose ie wanted to make , so happen the waitress pour chi tea
into my cup , ie hate chi tea cans?!!!
lol , so my pose became like that ;D
Of course , ie will never forget to have some kissing pose with this bitch :)
dad told me , drinking chi tea den wil slim down ...
this is my look when ie drink chi tea.
EEEEEE , the taste is * YUUCKS!!
candid shots while ie eating :)

the food was OK :)

went back to the hotel as ie wanted to change to a more comfortable cloths .
PLUS , ie was wearing a shorts . too cold laas :(
acting cute ie suppose?
but its cute okays :B
wearing daddy's cap.
candid shots of geooO!
Ok , trying to copy my lil cousin pose :)
outside genting's party world.
there's still more pic of it but , its in geo's cam .
will be post up ltr :)
day 2 , geo sleeping ...
hahaha , after some drinking and vomitted the day before.
daddy acting cool with my cap.
copying dad's pose
2nd day dinner , super goood + gt one waiter quite good looking :)
3rd day .
geo went back liao , only left with my family .
so , we went KL to shop .
seriously , there many handsome guys in KL laas.

there's this guy , while we were shopping in a shop .
ie spotted him in a yellow top , his hairstyle was super nice.
and he was trying on the yellow top , super nice on him .
ie saw his back view at first .
he caught my attention .
very less guy in sg can catch my attention de ok !!
so , ie was waiting for him to turn ard ,
when he turn ard , his look were not bad either with good body structure ..
ie whisper to my mum : this yellow top match him.
and mum agreed.
lol .
he looked at me and smile so ie smiled back .
super cool :)
ltr while bro was trying some tops ,
mum told the guy as he was at the cashier .
mum : this yellow top looks great on u .
ie laughed la.
mum shuld have said , ' my daughter said this top looks great on u what !!! '
den ie will say ' hahah yups , wan exchange emails?'
AHHH! joke la .
ie nort sooo bitch de la !

den we went to another shop , spotted another boy , young but handsome.
his eyes , nose , mouth ..
all perfect .
looked at him once , felt he's handsome ..
cas : mummy , this guy quite handsome hor ..
mum : yeaps.
cas : * wasnt too shure and take a glance again * No , this guy REALLLY handsome!

ltr , my turn to shop ,
we went into this shop .
ie spotted this guy frm far ... Not cause he's handsome its
because his whole hair is gold in color.
ie was like telling myself " this guy damn disgusting , typical ahbengs . still can be salesman !"
lol ,
enter the shop , the first saleman came towards me but ie spoke to him in eng
he dunnoe how to reply .
immd , this gold hair guy took over.
the moment he open his mouth ,
my and my jaw dropped.
his eng were super good ,
super slang also ...
he start introducing stuff to me .
OMG , rly unexpectable la.
his look also not bad and his fashion sense is very good ,
he start helpiing me dress up .
den when he wan to help me adjust my top .
he kept " sorry uh , sorry uh "
lol .
ie was like laughing la .
we ending up spending $700+ in that shop itself .
Oh , the guy name was zero .
cool ,
mum : whats ur name boy?
guy : call me zero , cause ie start from zero and i tell myself , ie wunt stay at zero .
cool huh ?!!!

went into another shop , spent $600+
bro's shop spent $300+
and dad's $100+
we spent at least $1000+ within a few hrs la.

somehow , ie was thinking ..
if im a malaysian so good la.
can find such a handsome bf , plus we will never be bored!
everyday can go to so many places .
genting , times square etc.
unlike sg , so small ... no where to go .

and seriously , malaysia have more handsome guys than sg .
But im nort comparing to americans , of course ...
ang moh are more more more handsome than any other guys.

Ok , back to piic now :)

bro won this bear for dunnoe which girl .
so gooood :(
my birthday coming also , ie wan big dollls!!!
NONO , ie wan ultra big bears !! >.<
mum and me b4 heading out to KL.
mum and me :)
Loveeeyoou ♥
while waiting for bro to finish his shopping.
lol , ie look like some ming xing like that , a cap + a glasses.
ie dunnoe whu candid shot me this , my mouth was half open!!
mum's turn to shop .
dad called me to turn ard as he took a candid shot of me.
this 'robot' lose sg's.
bro's bear gt crush!
didnt put any black eye shadow that day . only pink.
before boarding the bus back to sg.
rare this , bro says it taste like coconut !
reached sg ard 9:40pm .
went to geo hus , and ie cant help it !!
ie noe ie take this pic before ...
but ie just find this hamster rly too special!
its sleeping position!!
comfortable meh?!!!!
ie dun get it.
how ie wish ie can speak hamster language den ie can ask the hamster .

cas: hamster , sleeping this was very comfortable meh ?!
hamster: no , but it helps u slim down cause u are pressing ur fats
cas:REALLLY?!!ie wanna do that tooo . but ie cant find anywhr to squeeze myself.
hamster: squeeze urself under the bed.

ie wish ie can talk to hamsters!!! >.<

Ok , NOW is pic frm geo's camera!
bare with meee :)
cousins :)
who's the boss?!
geo singing .
lol , we both were wandering ard highland as
we are waiting for 'safari' (genting's club) to open.
so we decided to spend 3 hrs in partyworld.
sang until ard 11pm and we decided to head off to safari.

decided to try graveyard .
we wanted to drink graveyard den bloodymary .
OMG , lucky we didnt or we would have drop dead !!!
Ok , graveyard fcuking hell sucks .
ie prefer bloodymary!!
cause graveyard has a mixture of beer!!
yucks .
we drank and was like EEEEEEeeeewww
den geo asked the bartender why such a strong taste of beer.
he told us they mix with vodka , tarkila etc and caslberg.
at first , graveyard just turn my body heat up .
But , ltr the bartender came with a cup .
he told us , if we didnt mix with beer , it would taste like this .
pure vodka , tarkila etc . ie forget liao ..
ie took just one sip and its super strong , immd ..
the whole heat boil up , my head immd start to swing .
OMG , just one small sip .
but , still ...
we continue drinking graveyard as we are waiting for the stupid dance floor to start ,
BUT we waited and waited no one start the dance.
so , geo and me went to the dance floor and started to dance.
den everyone join .
hahaha , we started the dance floor :)

den the more ie dance ...
the more ie was fucking high ..
den ie look up at the spot light , ie saw everything spinning .
ie was like in lala land .
so many uncles wanna dance with us , but we wouldnt even give a look at them .
common la , wan dance with us ?
wait long long.
lol , so we dance until ltr geo say wanna go toilet .
and geo vomitted.
ie still didnt .
went back to dance floor ,
dance and ltr , ie felt something coming out frm my stomach , my head super dizzy!
went to the toilet , vomitted .
and geo too vomitted agains.
omg .

ltr , ie was rly rly too tipsy alr.
geo asked me to rest my head on the table .
wth , the more ie rest my head on the table the more
ie feel dizzy .
ie felt so weak ,
so ie force myself up and told geo ...
No , lets dance or ie will fall alseep .
lol .

went back to dance floor , this time 2 young guy approach us .
ie took a glance at the guys, ie forget his look but shuld be ok .
ie dunnoe why ,
ie went to whisper to geo : i go dance with this guy .
so ie turn ard and start dancing with this guy ..
NOT glinding ok ?!
is dancing
and suddenly he hug my waist .
ie immdly got pissed off .
ie brush his hands off and turn to geo again , den ie dun even give a damn to look at him anymore.
he shuld be gald ie didnt give him a slap for hugging me !
PLS lorh!!

doesnt mean a girl willing to dance with u gives u the right to touch her la.
wtf ?
noe what is see no touch ?!
dance oso NO touch ok .

nort as if ie glinded with him =.-

anyways , ie couldnt stand still .
den , we decided to make a move incase we faint.
lol .
no one will be thr to protect us.
seriously , we didnt drink much at all .
cause we noe , we shuld not drink too much at malaysia .
its dangerous .
but , that one lil sip actually gt me drunk .
lol .
we didnt even finish one cup F.Y.I !

here are the pic.
still myself.
not myself at all. ( cas , geo and new friend the bartender )
geo told me to rest my head and ie almost lost into lala land .
lucky ie got up .

end up , we went back to the hotel .
took a good bath and den felt much more better :)
so we went to buy cup noodles and enjoy it before sleeping.
cute right?

day 2
geo face super guailan!
daughter and father .
bro look handsome here :)
dad and mum , loving couple agains :)
2 handsome :)
giving her that guai lan look.
lol , so ltr that night .
went to partyworld again.
This time with geo family and our family .
ahma and ahgong went back to sleep in their hotel.
and ltr , geo , me , dad , mum went to safari again :)
bro wanted to go in but cant.
lol .
we didnt drink this time cause we alr drank in partyworld.
geo's dad bought a big bottle of chivas mix with greentea and ie wanted coke.
cause ie dun dare to drink greentea.
lol .
so , we didnt drink in safari .
just danced .
danced with dad and mum together .
FUN :)
there was a ah gua but alr transex alr .
super super sexy la ,
we can see her panties as she danced.
wasted is ah gua.
hahaha ,
ltr while geo and me were dancing den dunnoe why suddenly no one danced
left us ,
and the guys behind the table started cheering .
we continued dancing ..
den rest awhile den continue .
after awhile suddenly gt 2 guys rush out to use holding a piece of tissue
writing ' 100 '
geo looked and walk away ,
ie walked away too .
den suddenly while ie walked back .
ie saw mum angrily walked to them .
OMG lor.
they went out to talk cause mum was like

mum : u write this 100 for what ?! ( in chi )
guy : no , u mistaken , we meant that ur daughter danced 100 point.
mum : the u shuld have write 100 point !u just write 100 u noe many ppl can mistaken
as it can mean alot of things?! ( she meant they were offering us $100 like prosituation. )
dad : Ok , take it as misunderstandings , we are parents u must understand .
guy : i also got children what .
that guy sibei guai lan laa .. talk until sibei xialan .
mum : u all are childish , understand what is CHILDISH!
guy : eh , dun say eng laa , hua ren jiang hua yu.
me : YOU ZI! understand?

den , that guy was like super guai lan until dad almost fight with him
wah , luckily never ..
ie dunnoe what ie gonna do if my parents fought infront of me sia.
wah .

den we went back to the table , the guy came and cheers with us saying everything is all
misunderstanding .
so , we went back to the dance floor and danced .
after awhile , went back .

geo felt that we was insulted by them writing a 100 .
But , to me ..
ie dun feel insulted.
even if they rly meant $100 , to me , it was them whu was embarrassed.
cause we didnt even accept them and even turn our heads and walk away .
ie dun understand guys .

Ok la , ie noe me and geo dance in a more 'sexy' way ?
ie shuld say ?
cause we keep shaking our hips and everything .
but that doesnt mean we are cheap lor ,
we dun even let u dance or even talk to us ,
consider cheap ?
No right , dance sexy means gt wrong?
so is all girl suppose to just swing their leg from side to side like a robot?
No right !
we can fcuking hell shake all we want .
we can even glind on each other , doing all kinds of sluty stuff with each other
as long as we stand clear that we wunt let anyone put their dirty hands on us!

well , heng uh .
after that went back hotel to sleep as dad went to casino.
the next day , geo went back to sg while we went to KL.
this are pic in KL.
ie wanna go sunway lagoon to swim!
cas and mummy ♥
cas and dadddyyy ♥
bro and cas ♥
candid shots of bro.
nightlife in KL
yummmy :P
we walked ard KL looking for loklok .
but cant find , end up ...
ate this , but still yummmyy :P
my bubbleeee.
alr reached sg by then :)
Hahahaha , THE END of genting trip :)

woke up and brought mayko to the vet .
hahahahas ,
the doc says that my dog doesnt seems to be 4 years old .
cause as she checks my dog health ,
my dog seems to be like a babydog still .
meaning my dog is super healthy la :)

But , mayko need to book some appointment for dentist :/
hahaha , cause her teeth are dirty .
so cute la.
den , we are going to buy toothbrush for her.

after that ,
send mayko home
and dad , mum and ie headed off to bugis for steamboat ..
after steamboat , we walked ard .
dad bought some shorts and
mum and ie spotted some heels on discounts .
we ended up buying 5 pairs of heels cans!!
wah ,
ie bought a heels at least 4 inch high .
but its comfortable.
im gonna start wearing heels frm now on ;D

hehehe ,
anyways , here are the piics.
he's glenn , super cute right?
my nephew ok!
hahaha , cam-whored :/
My love and me :)
her favourite milky stick .
bought it along with me as she gonna get injection ltr.
so , ie bring this along to cheer my love up :)
waiting for her turn .
hahahah !
cute right?!

Okok , im super tired now.
gotta end here !
stay tune :)


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