4:45:00 AM

Ok , im leaving prettty soooon .
Thanks for those who wish me safe trips .
Hahahas , ie will miss u guys :)

hehe , better miss me too .
alrights , will be back on wed !!

was waiting for a msg / call frm someone .
somehow , ie didnt recieve any.
well , dont care ba ,
not gotta let that person ruin my mood.
nort worth , im just gonna enjooy ;D
since that someone dun even bothered.
den , ie dun see why he shuld stand a place in my heart anymoree.

cause my heart is suppose to be a place for ppl who also treats me as
im impt to them ,
not someone who doesnt appreciate me.

BYEEBYEE peepos:)
stay tune (:


p/s: somehow , ie realise im getting use to life w/o u ,
is it because im starting to fated feelings for u after how u treated me?
Or im alr just sick of sheding fcuking tears for u when its nort even appreciated.
somehow , ie realise ... when ie keep reminding myself how ie was treated.
how ie was ignored when ie needed u ..
slowly , ie found a reason to stop loving u .
and thats because ,
ie worth a guy who will treasure me , ie worth a guy to pamper me and care for me.
not someone who sometimes treats me as tho ie dont exist .

somehow , this gives me a reason to stop loving u ...
ie promise , ie will try .

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