4:35:00 PM

woke up not long ago ..
enjoying my crispy chicken + fries.

So , anws , just called singnet helpline as my com is facing some DNS error recently .
Hmms :/
so , yeaaah . trying to fix it tho .
well , hopefully the com is fine now.

mum asked me ytd night,

mum : just now quarrelled with kaming until cry huh ?
cas : huh ... yea.
mum : haiis , give up ler ba..

and ie immdly change topic.
Haiis :c
ive done everything ie could.
ie have given my best to this relationship ..
ie have done all ie could to save this relationship .
Now ie dun have anything more ...
Haiis .
If u still treasure this relationship ..
maybe its time u do something abt it.
cause , im nort gonna do anything anymore.

guess , ie will just concentrate on my studies and not think abt all these stuff anymore.
Haiis , tired abt whatever that has happened.
stay tune (:


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