12:21:00 PM

yooooooo =.-

ok , im super tired now .
woke up at 9:50am lahs , cause ie have to rush to sch to buy my sch book and supposely
go down to bishan after that .
but , lucky ie called nana before going down .
she's still asleep , den she say ltr den meet .
lol .
heng ~
if im alr at bishan , my fire will boil man.

im playing pet society in facebook ,
and ie rly dont knoe what to do with my pet .
race , skipping , bet ?
lol . but how some ppl get so rich ....
nbms , ie will continue to try earning coins.
hehe , so ie can dress up for my pet :)

Oh , good news .
ie recieve another advertisment to advertise in my blog .
Thanks nuffnang ;D

Okays , gotta go play pets society until idiot nana call :(
my eyes are closing alr ,
couldnt get to sleep until ard 5am this morning and wake up at 9 ..
just for the sake of nana .
lol , nana!
u hornoured anort?!
okays , so ltr will be meeting up with geo , nana and weiseng .
wonder whr to go today >.<
hahahahhaas , ie wanna ice skating sooon.

tmr will be christmas eve ,
going out with the ladies :)
its been like SO LONG since ie met them ,
everyones is busy with work except me .
ie miss u girls ,

Okays , ie go play pets liao .
more update ltr .
stay tune (:


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