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Back .
people , CLICK on my advertistment , thaaaankyouuu ♥

Hahahas , oka .
sch was FUNNNNY today , DURING eng lesson .
woahs , laugh till stomache cans?
MORE funny is AFTER eng lesson .
well ,will blog abt this ltr .

So , after sch go RP .
and the only thing im asking myself after visiting that sch is .
IS that sch a sch for scientists only?
cause their whole talks abt introducing the sch to us is all abt SCIENCE.
was rly bored and ie actually almost fall asleep until this ah cock sort of ' slap ' my face.
softly de lahs but im like ALMOSTTTT asleep den wake up .
raaaah .
lol , after that .
we saw some buffet , den we decided to eat man .
cause we are like super hungry cans?
my stomach was begging for food in the lecture hall lahs.

But RP sch looks so high tech .
maybe cause its a new sch lahs , pity was that .
the course im interested in isnt mentioned at all :(
Oh wells ~
so , after that take sch bus bak.
lol .
reached home and immdly went out .
helped my mum to run some errands and bought some household stuff.
good girl , ie noe o:)

Now , im HOOOOOME .
gonna go eat my dinner after this .

anws , abt ENG period , walked in class and ie tot a sch is for STUDENTS?
lol , ie didnt noe today gt show and tell cause today gt goldfish in our class rooom lahs.

F.Y.I : SHOW AND TELL is when students bring pets / things they love to sch and show to their classmates.

ANWS , so swee and me looked at the goldfish , wahhh .
see its side view ,

cas : wahh ... rly goldfish sia ! see the eyes wan pop out de.... Eeeee.

hahahas , and seriously somehow .
today sch's loudspeaker spoil lehs , eng class sooo silent .
lol .
No idea why lahs .
must complain to the management board and ask them why the sch LOUDSPEAKER spoil .
hahaas ,
so after eng lesson while ie was walking to the canteen with ah cock they all ..
suddenly OUT of no whr there's a sound of loudspeaker barking .
needless to say , of course the loudspeaker were barking words like..

very obvious one...

' knnbcb , ie sibei dulan lah . pcb ... mother father die ... '
same old words .
so ... ie looked infront and ie spotted a GOLDFISH!
hey !!!! why goldfish keep appearing everywhere one?
haiiyOs , who say sch can bring pets .
den ie realise , GOLDFISH brain size very small de ,
cant store too many words inside de.
so , it can actually remember these words .
e.g. knnbcb , no father mother teacher lahs , retarded bitches ... etc .
is alr very very very goood liao .
suppose , GOLDFISH have broken records alr lahs..
* claps *

well .. funny thing was ie walked close to the goldfish and the loudspeaker SUDDENLY stop .
ehhh .
why so weird?
hahahas , den ie walk away SUDDENLY the LOUDSPEAKER is ON again ...
yes , creepy indeed .
hahahhas ..

Oka ,
btw . because u noe a goldfish doesnt have big brain , so ...
somehow ..
ie suppose it doesnt noe the definition of ' prostitute '
Ok , so let me tell u guys whats the definition of the word ' prostitute '
" a woman who offers sexual intercourse for payment ."
there , read it and use this word wisely my deaar .

Oh wells , im still curious .
WHO brought a goldfish to sch !!
lol .

and somehow , backstabbing isnt right .
Tho ie hated it but still ie feel sad for it.

ytd SOMEONE was helping it ,
and today SOMEONE backstabbed it.
yes , ie can see what kind of ' friends ' it got .
f.y.i : SOMEONE is it friend.

Oka , going take my dinner now .
stay tune (:


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