10:01:00 PM

Gooodness !

My days flew pass so quickly ..
have been studying and doing my homework till ard 9pm - 10pm .
and when im done , all ie wanna do is rest on my comfortable sofa
and watch TELEVISION !!!! >.<

im like super lazy to blog lahs !
good thing is today not much things to do , finally ..
im able to squeeze out some time for blogging .
Hahahaas ,

unlucky thing happened today !
well , not say unlucky lah .
during recess gt a birthday celebration beside the place we were sitting.
so , they were like smashing cakes on each other face ..
& ie dunnoe when , louis took a piece of cake and smash onto a guy face and
some cake actually 'flew' and kena until my face.
wth !
hahahahas >.<
count me unlucky bahs ... lol.

anws , im so into the show THE HILLS on chn 20 .
The way the girls reacts to the guys are like sooo super cool .
& the ladies are super super hot .
Hahahas , all abt romance and stuff .
just the kind of show ie love .

Oh yeah , im waiting for gary to lend frm his friend eclipes :)
ie finished new moon long ago ... but ie cant find the 3rd book and ie dun wan to waste money buying it.
its like spending $19 and after 2 days , ie will alr finish the book >.<
seriously WASTE of money!
SO , mr gary wong .. PLEASE lend it frm ur friend ASAP ;D
thaaaankyouu !

Hahahahas , oka lahs ..
nothing much alr.
stay tune (:


p/s : CLICK on the advertistment people !! Thaaaanks a million ♥

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