5:51:00 PM

Had mac at amk for lunch !

Oh boy , family and ie will be going chong pang tonightt!

At first ie thought we will be going to chinatown tonight to shop .
But mum changed her mind and decided to go chong pang .
like wtf ,
ie couldnt breathe for a sec when ie heard that ,
idk how .. my hand become alil cold.
damn it , and we will be super super near his house !
why am ie so so nervous .
shags ~

Now im rly rly asking myself .
WHAT if ie fucking saw him !

Update ltr peeps.
pic will be upload ltr tooo.

CLICK on my ads yeahs.

stay tune (:


p/s : part of my heart prays that ie wunt see him tonight , part of my heart wish to see him.

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