1:42:00 PM

Happy sweet 17th to myself AND happy swt 16th to caSSandra. :)

Hahahas ,
ytd gt a surprise frm weiseng , ard 11:50+ called me up .
he bought cake and my present.
mum say is my first time celebrating birthday with cake.
lol .
cause long long time ago when ie was young ,
my mum bought cake on my bro's birthday ..
den my bro starts crying until very jialiat .
so mum say frm that day on nv celebrate birthday with cake liao.

so mum said ytd was my first .

well , tho my birthday wish didnt happened.
But forget it bahs , guess he didnt remember or what .
idk , ie dun wanna care liao .
just a lil disappointed ie guess.

Today ie can go clubbing , but somehow ,
nana and geo cant .
sian , haiis .
Forget bahs , everything didnt rly work out right.
so , nbms.

will upload pic soooon ie suppose.
And to the junior .
whats ur problem ? ie rly dunwans to say much here .
cause if ie say things here means im bringing up the matter.
she alr say she dunwans to talk abt it , so ..
ie wunt talk abt it too .
so , just get a life will u =.-
gooodness sake.

Alrights , bro gt me a twilight story boook .
cute birthday present?
Oka , so ie gonna go read my boook.
stay tune (:


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