6:45:00 PM

Homed :)

Anws , to those who took their 'O' lvl result today .
congrats! ur secondary life is finally over.
regardless whether u guys did well or not.
just enter a poly and study hard frm thr :)
its never too late !

AND AND AND , ie must write this post to my beloved georgina ♥
HER present touches me soooo much .
lol .
ie cant believe ie actually make a joke the day before.
cause she told me she bought a watch for me.

cas : the $10 watch de uh ? LOL.
geo : SO bad , how can say ie buy $10 watch for u .

and TODAY , ie recieve my present .
its like super nice lahs , have warranty somemore.
costed abt $100+ .
wah , touch siol * teary eyes .
she simply loves me so much lahs ,
ie still remember when she msg-ed me and ie call her to tell her ie got trouble.
she immd RUSH down taking a cab .
PLUS she just came out frm a surgry on her teeth ,
she was in pain still , she rushed down .

I'm simply sooo lucky to have her as my cousin .
and of course all my wonderful friends lahs !
lol .
Thaaaaankyouuu sweety ♥

ie headache alr lah ... ur b'day ie must think of a gooood present for u liao >.<
hehehe , joking.
G-string u mind not?
ie buy THOSE branded one lahs , u wear alr wunt ever feel like taking off.
joking ;D
anws , im gald u can enter poly , see still say will fail .
end up nv right?

Oka lahs ,
so in sch today was pretty boring .
ie cant believe ie was so tired that ie doze off in SS class -.-
ie couldnt stay awake lahs , den ie decided to rest my chin on the table and close my eyes.
the next min , ie fell asleep .
wahs , tired !
Ohh , ie cant wait to read ' NEW MOON ' the story book is so much more exciting than the movie cans?!

so , after sch .
mum came to fetch me as she didnt have work today .
went wampor to eat and a bone gt stuck at my upper gum .
UNTIL now.
ie dunnoe , suddenly ie felt a sharp pain in my mouth ,
tried drinking water but the pain was still thr ,
so ie use my finger to touch my upper gum and ie felt something inside.
mum take a look and saw a bone or something stuck inside..
it was like poke in alr.
ie tried pulling out but somehow it got deeper and now , its stuck inside.
shags , ie hope it wont get infection !
so ltr , parents wanted to dye their hair .
so bro and me bus home :)

Oka , im gonna go study for awhile after ie upload some pic.
there are diamonds ard it oka.
Thanks darling ♥
candid shot of bro sleeping.
hahahas .

geo , ie promise u ie will wear the watch :)

stay tune (:


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