5:43:00 PM

Homed (:

came out of lock up this morning =.-
my birthday gift frm god.
BBQ today was cancel tooo .
tmr clubbing , ie dunnoe will happen or nort.
sian half .

To the junior .
Eh , its seems to me u are trying to BLOW this matter up .
u seeeems to know what happen on that day .
But dun talk as if u can take a guy's strength .
common lah , im a girl leh .
just a push frm a guy of course ie will fall right?
if u are soo god damn strong , why not u go try it urself?
ask a guy to give u a good punch and lets see if u are standing still or lying on the floor.
pls , have some common sense?

Anws , ie dunwans talk abt the fights ytd .
if she blog abt it den ie will blog abt it , if nort ..
ie will just let things stay whr it is .
ppl thr on that day will noe what exactly happened on that day .
so , KPOs ...
dun try to fish the story lahs =.-

Btw , as if my friend didnt help me when ie gt kick by the guy .
if she didnt help me , ie would not have been able to get up ok .
u in her blog tag abt this , come here also tag abt this .
what are ur motive?
u want another show issit?
why not u come to my face and tell me , dun hide.
frm yanmei's tag , ie believe she dun even noe who u are ..
so , ie can conclude that u are just one idiotic passerby trying to stir things up .

anws , went sch today cause VP say wan sack me and qh .
so , went to talk to principle and the principle say he will give me another chance.
whew ~
ie was so afraid ie cant take 'O' lvl .
now can jiu hao liao .
ie cant afford to lose my studies man!!

to her ,
All the ex post abt me , u wan del den del ,dunwans its ok .
just leave it .

Alrights , im super tired now ,
didnt get a good sleep ytd was super sucky .
floor was super hard =.-
food sucks ,
but their tea was not bad.
lol .
until 8 den gt bail out .
finalllly man !!!
1 day and ie alr miss my comfortable bed.
Hahahas :)

Alrights , stay tune (:


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