5:29:00 PM

Homed :)
hahahas !

Oh , im almost done with new moon .
maybe just 1 more day ?
im wondering is bella going to fall in love with jacob ?
Ahhhhs , half of the book all abt jacob and bella.
what abt edward !!
im sad that edward dumped bella .
ie almost cried reading the part when bella begged edward not to leave.
somehow , it reminded me of someone .
im super addicted to it now!

anws , sch is pretty boring but lesson went pass very fast .
eng - free period. ( swee pangseh me so ie concentrate on reading new moon )
chi - free period .
only had 2 period of lesson den assembly .
skipped chi lesson just to eat KFC with siow , chia and lynn .
den rush back for POA remedial .
after that .....
played badminton for awhile and
sheryl decided to go to her bf hus to give him a surprise.
so , we mrt-ed to yishun

Its been super long since ie stepped into yishun.
the moment ie scan my ez-link card out .
ie was like.

cas : wah , so long nv step in yishun liaoo..

hahahs .
den ie continue with : last time ie always at here wait for him one.
pointing at the phone booth thr.
den while walking to the shelter , ie was like : last time christmas , ie and him were here .
lol .
den went ie saw the coffeeshop , ie again said : last time before go sentosa , we come here eat .

sheryl didnt even bothered to listen .
so bad :(
but alot of memories just dash into my head the moment my foot step into yishun .
somehow , ie do hate that place now.
it make me feel weird , empty , upset .

Oh wells , Anyways ..
this babe here doesnt have a sense of direction .
she wanna go her bf hus , but doesnt noe the way .
so , we just walked until she suddenly say : this place , ie sit here b4 .
while she points at a void deck .
ie was like : here got many void deck , u shure is this?
lol .
lucky she was correct .
so , we hid when gary was coming down , den folo him behind .
suddenly he turn ard and the fun was spoilt >.<

so walked to bus interchange .
memories thr also . aiiya , yishun is a place of memories man .
saw 854 and run to catch the bus .
part of me rly wan to leave this place cause im afraid
that he might happen to be ard .
ie rly cant imagine if he ever appear infront of me suddenly.
idk what ie will do man .
most probably turn ard and run .
OR cover my face and walk past him .
ie rly have NO IDEA what ie will do .
discuss that with swee b4 in class , and ie rly dont noe what ie will do.

Oka , ie realise almost my whole post is abt him .
will stop now >.<
hahas , OH ie have a date with ........
guessss !

ok , ie now ie abit kua zhang , but ie seldom go out with her lohs .
den just now she was like asking ..

sheryl : u tmr going out ?
cas : no , u jio me out loh .
sheryl : no lahs ..
cas : why u wan go out?
sheryl : no lahs , ie tmr wan go buy thing .
cas : so u wan me go with u lah ..... den jio me out loh .
sheryl : not jio lohs.
( she seems so shy to ask me out :( )
cas : OK lahs , ie jio u out ok ? tmr wan go out mahs?!

hahahahs , damn 'cute' .
adn chia said some funny things today also , and ie choke on my drinks lahs.
thaaanks to her.

Alrights , will upload some candid shots .
This is lynn :)
This is chia!
want to take a foto of her is super difficult.
Had fun (:

stay tune (:


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