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Oh , my advertise is here , people DO CLICK on it whenever u visit my blog ok?
THANKS a million .

went out with geo today .
woke up by alarm clock at 12.
hahahahs , called geo and she was still sleeping.
suppose to meet at 2 ended up we decided to meet at 2:30.

Hahaas , so went shopping with this babe .
she wanna shop for CNY , walked ard far east and the rest of orchard till my legs
almost break .
Hahahahas , im like super tired uhs.
so anyways , geo manage to spot a blouse :)
LOOK nice uh . lol.

so anyways , when we were at cine .
we walked past 3 ABC guys , and their height is ard 180cm+ and they are FCUKING hot and cute.
ie wonder why nowadays keep gt handsome guys lahs.
hahahahs ,so , geo and ie was like they look like model lahs .
and we immd fall for them .
geo is those kind that hardly see any guy that would catch her attention .
But when she saw these 3 guy .
they caught her attention , imagine how hot they are.
usually singaporean guys that are tall are like a stick insects with no HOT body .
BUT they gt it , their body features and face are PERFECT.
omg , ie almost melt .

so , we discussed whether to take their no. nort.
so we actually played scissors , paper , stone.
hahahahas , ie lost and was suppose to ask for their no.
but , im like fcuking nervous lahs.
1st time ok.
In the end , ie couldnt bring the guts to open my mouth and ask :(
quite disappointed.
3 Hotties just went past us like that.
Haiiis !!!
geo , wasted right? :(

Hahahhas , so slacked ard town .
anws , ive decided to celebrate my sweet 17th at powerhouse?
hahahas , or maybe the new club ' Zirca ' .
Those who can make it , do let me noe :)

Oka , here are today's pic ;D
Cam-whored agains . Hahahahas ;D
decided not to put thick makeup today . lol.
cam-whored in toilet .
Oh btw , geo put make up today wors and she look rly beautiful .
hahahas ,
wasted forget take pic of her cause my feet was hurting .
grp of ppl doing beat box , nort bad uh .
there's like alot of street performances in town today uh .
wonder what festival is this . LOL.
this 2 young ladies are like 10 years old?
Power sia..
Oka , done.
gonna go wash off my make up and bath den sleeep .
goodnites everyone.
stay tune (:


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