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THAANNKS SHERYL DARLING and GARY for the b'day present.

sheryl always say she like the present she bought for me ...
hahahahs ,
making me sooo curious and finally today ie saw the present .
ie understand why she like it lahs , its damn cute and lovely cans?

thannnks so much leh babe.

remember u asked me ,
sheryl : eh , what u wan for ur birthday present .
cas : i wan ur heart .
hahahahha , yes and ie mean it.
so hurry go dig out ur heart for me lahs.

anws , eng remedial was normal today .
just did some speech essay and den went market to eat with swee.
and ie ate laksa which is super not niice.
im nort going thr to eat anymore :(

Oh , and ie saw what kaming msg swee ..
suddenly im like smiling?
but ie still thinking , if he treats me as friend den why dont msg me.
wth .
frm mouth say friends , action doesnt show he treats me like friend lohs.

nbms :)
swee lend me her new moon story book alr ,
oh boy~
im going to be sooo addicted to the story book ie might not even leave my hus
during the weekends uh .

ie noe , another boring post right?
thr's nothing to write abt lahs .
cause all ie do in sch is study and talk .
lol .
same routine frm mon - fri >.<
hahas , dont blame me :)

Oh , here is the present darlings siow and her bf bought for meeee ;D
Its a photoframe and when u turn the bottom , a sweet lovely melody will play .
hahahahs ,
NICE hor?
thanks siow and gary.

stay tune (:


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