3:16:00 PM

Homed .
gonna go change sooon >.<
going for some interview with my auntie.
hahahahahs ;D

Oh , just wanna say .
ie did some honest thing today .
My daddy and mummy taught me to be honest ,
and ie did :)
im so PROUD of myself .
weeets ~

gOsh , today POA again , felt like sleeping .
idk why lahs !!!!
My brains can just SHUT DOWN during her period but when im in another
lesson , ie dont feel so tired.
But ie managed to stay awake .
buay tahan alr lahs.
ytd slept early cause ie didnt take afternoon nap , so the moment ie lie on my bed.
ie fall alseep .
hahahahas ;D
how nice , sleep till so shuang !

Oka , nothing much to blog abt .
hahahas ,
tmr niid to run some errands for my mum .
Oh and tmr need go republic poly for open hus >.<
sians , why dont bring me go SP.....
hahahas, did some reseacrh abt the course im interested in .
and ie realise there's like SUPER alot of things lahs.
its nort simple lehs.
but , im not going to give up half way :)

will update more maybe tonight?
stay tune (:


p/s : DO CLICK on my advertistment , thankkkyouuuu ♥

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