11:02:00 PM

Homeed :)

interview went well , taking the job .
well , wont be revealling what job first lahs ;D

so , anws ...
somehow , ie wanna blog abt my day .
so proud of myself for being honest , like what can it do to me right?
somehow , ie got biig eyes , well not as big as it .
how can my eyes drop out?
its not like my eyes is like someone's goldfish eyes like half falling out alr :)
anws , ie dare to open my big big eyes to see is my problems whats hor?
unlike it , only look at the floor dare not look up .
OMG :/
Somehow , even when standing close , it will hurry move away or run to her friends.

ie cant use female dog on it , cause the it is much more NOISER den a dog.
like seriously , loudspeaker is the word for it..

But somehow ,it's brain dictionary is like so limited.
eg. knnbcb ... retarded asses ... fuck bitch ... no father no mother... etc.
same OLDD words , never change one =.-


but cant blame mahs , u noe ..

lol .

Oh and ITE , somehow it's friend alr cant meet the standard of promoting to sec 5.
like omg , 'N' lvl lehs =.-
cant even pass ,
buay paiiseh sia.
have this it will have a friend like that .
like mother like daughter some sort of thing .
not surprising :)

Hahahahas , well ...
speaking of scolding people's mother and father =.-
like , it's parent didnt teach it that skipping lesson is BAD ?
gosh , did it's parent ever teach her?

Oh , ie suppose that being honest to a teacher is wrong?
hahahahhas , somehow my parents teach me to tell the truth :)
Oh , so whose parent nv teach WHO.
Hahaha .oka lahs , ie going sleep lers !
gooodnites people .
stay tune (:


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