3:40:00 PM

Homeeed :)
Hahahas , nothing much to update abt tho .
Just a quick reminder .
DO CLICK on the advertistment oka?!

so , today had lesson .
ie was super tired as AGAIN , ie couldnt sleep last night?
maybe too use to sleeping late =.-
so , ie just couldnt sleep .
shags ~
and SUAY SUAY today gt POA :(
wah , ie was like super duper tired lahs .
but ie force myself to stay awake , if once ie fall asleep ..
for the rest of the year ie will be sleeping during class.
and ie dunwans that to happen !!
rahh , ie got to have that will power to fcuking stay awake in her class >.<

So , bio . mr chandra was talking to us abt the poly we can go in .
and after that maybe proceed to SMU / NTU .
all the while ie was telling myself , after getting a diploma ,den go out work liao .
But suddenly after hearing that he said , SMU now very easy to go in .
with a diploma cert maybe can go in .
ie gt this temptation to study hard and proceed on to university .
lol ,
everyone say im planning too fast .
but ie have no idea why , ie just wanna plan everything correctly and strive hard for my plans >.<
am ie being silly .
cause im starting to feel the stress , lol .

And he's damn funny today .
chandra : each poly at least accept 10000 students .
and there are 5 polys , DONT tell me u cant be one of the 50000 who is accepted
a place in poly!

So true !!!

Anws :/
In the end , sister all nort going club with me on my birthday liao ..
cause they have personal reasons .
Hmmms ....
they say they afternoon celebrate with me ;D
Oh wells ~ so guess ie will be going with the same babes agains.
Hahahas , idk what dress to wear lehs.
ie feel like wearing my black tight mini dress agains :/
LOL , wanted to wear a dress ie bought at KL but mum said its wayy to exposing at the boobs
part .
den ie dunwans loh.
So , maybe im wearing the same dress?
will it be weird .
But nort as if anyone in st james will recognise me =.-
heh .

Oka , this may be the first time u are hearing me say .
ie gonna go do my math homework and poa homework now :)
Hahahahhas ,
update ltr ? Maybe.
lol .
DO CLICK on the advertistment for me , thankkks ;D

stay tune (:


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