9:29:00 PM

just finish my tution awhile ago .
The tution teacher is young and ie feel
no experience in teaching.
oh wells , going to try for a month bahs .
if rly no good den change .

woah ,now having headache siol .
maybe lack of sleep and too much study .
stressing out myself =.-
just now , after the teacher go ,
ie continue studying myself .
ie was thinking abt the math qus until my head was super pain .
so , ie decided to stop and eat my dinner.

and ytd , kamiing msg swee .
asking how am ie , blahblahblah .
swee msg me : guess what , im sure u will be damn happy .
ie ji tao start wondering what is it .
den she told me : ron msg me.
hahahas .
but sad thing is ie msg him he didnt reply .
sian , nbms .
at least he msg swee shows , he still care for me as a FRIEND ;D

so anws , ie finish twilight alr :)
hahahahs , waiting for swee to pass me ' new moon ' and ie will have
a new story book to spend my relaxing time reading .
just lying on my bed for hrs holding the book in my hand .
giggling to myself at funny parts , getting anxious at the exciting parts .
playing the movie in my head as ie read.

Oh , im earning in nuffang alr , continue to click on the ads peeps :)
hahahas , thaaaankyou so much lahs!

Oh , got bullied by ah cock , daylight robbery man .
lol , he took my wallet , den dun return .
keep ask me say the ' nice ' sentence .
opposite of nice but im not saying it here , ltr ppl will start spamming my blog , laughing.
lol .
so , ie keep insist im not calling myself the ' nice ' word.
so he took my wallet and rly nv return to me.
after the talks with Mr tan .
ie called him and he was like ' ie at woodland '
ie was like wtf?!!!
lucky he lying ...
so , ie went below his hus the coffeeshop look for him .
FINALLY , after not giving up to him .
he return my wallet .

Nothing much to blog abt on sch days uh ...
shags ~
maybe will blog more when ie gt more interesting things .

stay tune (:


p/s : peepos , dont forget to click on the advertistment each time u saw the ads in my blog!!
Thaaaankyooou ♥

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