12:49:00 AM

Lets see ...

Oh right !
ie got the eclipse book frm gary alr ,
im going to be soo addicted , facing the book everyday ,
Reading reading reading ~

Hahahahs !
got some pic to upload , but ..
bro is using the com .
im still not talking to him , cause im still pissed off :x
humpf !
shall upload tmr , if im not going out bahs.
ie do feeeeeel like going out tho >.<

And Today SS test was a super sucky , fuck ...
out of 3 points ie only manage to do 2 n 1/4 of the points only ...
ie think im going to have to retake for this paper man !
haiis , sadded ~
forget it , thr's still time to master the O lvl standard of writting the SBQ and SEQ ~
more practice , thats all ie niid :)

I'm going to read eclipse NOW !
Oh btw , Thanks sheryl's husband ;D
hahahahas .
Bye bye ;D

stay tune (:


p/s : a fruitful day today :)

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