11:09:00 PM

Think twice?
Ohhhh , weirdest thing is that why should ie think TWICE.
like what can a goldfish do right?
suck my eye balls out?!
hahahahas .

whoever who got eyes will noe how everything started .
and who started everything .
ie wunt deny im not those forgiving type of girl .
However , im also not someone who will find some problems when that person
did not even do anything to me .
plus , does a goldfish worth my respect ?
ie dont think so !

Oh , and who was calling her dim-witted radio ?
ie suppose this goldfish admitted herself.
hahahahs .

Common , giving that scared look , with that goldfish eyes.
digusting !
well , its alright if one look like a goldfish , somehow ..
it have an mixture of GOLDFISH + PANDA .
oh , btw . ie didnt even mention the GOLDFISH / LOUDSPEAKER im refering to is
_______ .
so , dont anyhow guess guess ok ;D

Oh walk like prostitute?
ie suppose a goldfish hangs ard geylang everyday to notice how a prostitute walks .
And common who's the one shaking butts :/
oh , so someone is interested in looking at butts ?
so this pet go ard looking at people butts , and if it shakes alil .
den it will start saying ' oh ... she walk like prostitute '
How interesting ...

den can ie conclude that those models doing catwalk are prostitute?
cause they are TRAIN to shake their butts as they walk .
lol .

ie suppose the goldfish doesnt noe how many of its so call ' friends ' are backstabbing her.
like one that happened today.
ie was so fcuking surprise when her so called ' friend ' actually turned ard and start bad-mouthing her while she was away .
seriously ,Fake?
she doesnt noe how to different shape btn FAKE and REAL .
like what her so called friend said ' all she have is her bf. '
imagine her OWN friend actually said that =.-
we should have recorded it man .

somehow , ie realise that this goldfish only use her blog as a place to bark .
cause it noes , it doesnt have the ability to do anything .
for instance , abused by owner run home to bark in blog .
everything .... the first action will be running home to bark in blog.
thats how pathetic this goldfish is .
or it would simply start going to all her ' friends ' and start turning on her loudspeaker .
weird isnt it ?

sometimes , ie wonder whats going on in its tiny lil brain :/
stepping on people tail for nothing ,
bringing troubles to itself when in 2008 during sch days everything was so peaceful .
but somehow during one of the holi ,
ohh , the goldfish woke up , fingers feeling super itchy and start doing some stupid things.

This goldfish got such a biggg eyes , and it starts to pin point here and there ..
oh , saying fake here and thr when it doesnt noe how fake she is =.-
and how fake SOME of its friends is .
im not saying ALL but some :/
gOsh ~
please fcuking take a look at the ones beside u before even commenting on OTHERS.
ur close ones are betraying u in ur back while u are busy caring abt outsiders.
How cute :)

Oh and this goldfish have been cursing peoples parents like nobody business .
somehow it didnt heard of the saying ' what goes ard comes ard '
sometimes , when u curse other people parents airnt u afraid that the curse might happen on ur
own mother and father?
gooodness , words coming out frm its mouth simply doesnt go thru her brains =.-

Alrights , im going sleep alr.
goooodnites peepos.
stay tune (:


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