10:44:00 PM

Being happy is really all ie need in life.
and thats what im doing.
having fun and being myself.

ive got it going pretty good and
ill shout it proud and loud
everywhere i go there seems to be something to smile about.
you cant go a day without smiling and feeling good about this life
you only get to live it once so
why waste it being sad when you can be happy !

Somehow , ie realise ... im moving on with my life alr.
Tho love is still thr but its fading alr .
Finally ... im enjoying my life :D

Went out with swee today , idiot chia ..
go bai nian , ps us !! :(
So shopped ard town , hahahas!
and ltr rushed to amk .
met up with steven , qing hai , jackson and raymond .
watched wedding game .
ie noeeeee , ie watched b4 .
but decided to pei the rest watch agains.

Sad that swee say not nice :(
LOL , idk why ie find it super funny leh .
weird weird one.
shags ~
Home sweet Home !

cam-whored in the toilet .
i am such a cam-whore !!

sch tmr , as usual!

gotta wash up my make up and get prepare for bed.

stay tune (:


p/s : No matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you'll never get through it without your friends

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