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Even though we've changed
and we're all finding our own place in the world,
we all know that when the tears fall
or the smile spreads across our face,
we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us,
nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends.

Just eaten my dinner , my stomach is bloated now !
hahahaas ,
nothing much to blog abt recently ,
as all my life is about SCHOOL.

common test have been really tough ,
and i am afraid that ie wont be able to pass my 'O'.
damn !
Haiis , ie failed my chi common test by 2 marks ...
Eng was tough , which ie dont even dare to take a look at my result.

Social studies was alright ,
merely because we were allowed to bring fact sheets in .
however , im still having trouble with the limited time given .
ie almost couldnt complete the paper.
was writing half way when the teacher said we are left with 1 min .
ie immd ignore what ie was writing and went to write my conclusion .
cause mdm loo said , no conclusion is as good as no points.
Thus , ie think im scoring badly for that subject tooo .

damn .
POA was worst !
ie couldnt even balance and the differences of my balances was like ..
im failing for almost all my subject .
and this scares me .
what if after studying 1 year and ie cant go to poly .
what will ie do with my life ?

ie must study harder man !
just for the sake of my future =.-

anws ,
had MOS burger for lunch today with the ladies.
ie dont rly like eating burgers ,
so ...
eating MOS burger today seems to be one of my first time eating?
and and and ,
im watching E! True Hollywood Story.
quite interesting .
im watching it almost everyday .

Lalalaalals ~
boring !
maybe ie will go revise my science ltr .
stay tune (:


p / s : Sometimes , Things changes without u knowing it ...
Yes , ie realise many things had change .

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