3:28:00 PM

If it is in, is it, if in is it?
Answer this question :]

Just finished doing assignment 3 for eng .
wanted to go out today , but somehow ..
everyone seems busy ?
hmms :/
so yeah , stayed home and study .

wanted to go shopping ,
need to shop for my foundation .
cause ie realise ie cant use other foundation except LANCOM.
cause its like , my another foundation's tone dont seems to match my skin colour.
hmms :/
alr prepare $143 just for my foundation .
and yeah , wanna get a few heels and tops .
cause im quite bored with my dressing alr.
feel like changing some style .

tmr going swimming,
wooots ~
hahahas , been wanting to go swimming and tmr !
den after that , going to change a new hp and den maybe go buy my foundation bah .

bored bored bored ,
alrights , think ie will start my POA study now.
stay tune (:


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