4:30:00 PM

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it.

Weather is so hot these days!

ie was looking at my past photos ,
and idk HOW ie got so engross into it .
its like a video was replaying in my head while ie look at those photos.
and when ie looked up , the bus drove past my stop .
damn ~

immd pressed the bell and alight the next stop .
had to walk all the way to my house under the stupid hot sun !
how ie wish ie had a sun block , a sun glass and an electric fan .
The sun was like buring my skin as ie walk lahs.

so , anws .
chinese test was tough AGAINS.
damn .
im going to do so badly for my common test ie guess.
everything seems so difficult.
ie must study harder.
And history class outing sooon ;D
hahahahs .
cant wait!

super hungry now , but cant eat until dinner.
ie must lose 3-5kg !
rahs ~
tution is starting pretty sooon , ie wonder if i'm alert enough to tution .
I'm tired , restless , sleepy etc .

another pic of my evening gown.

stay tune (:


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