5:06:00 PM

Soon hot, soon cold.

Okay , i know i have not update for like a few days alr?
Hahahas , simple : LAZINESSSSSSSS :x
and cause ie was sick recently , so yeah ...
gave me more excuse to lie in my bed.

Anws , ie just wanna grumble about one particular incident that happened ytd .

The lightning SPOILT my hp .
Yes , surprise why im saying the LIGHTNING spoilt my hp ?!
cause as u know , ytd there were like pretty alot of loud and scary lightnings right!
so , swee and me was sitting at the beancurd stall .
and the rain was like super heavy .
we decided to head to sch , so , the first thing ie did was to ensure that my hp wont get wet .
ie went to keep my hp into my bag before heading out to the open .
and yeah , after we reached the shelter ..
my fone went crazy ..
ie pressed no. 9 and it came to media ..
ie pressed the key # and it became vol..
and it was like increasing and decreasing itself . (creepy i know ! )

Before that , the coffeeshop television also black out for awhile ,
TELL ME ! its definietly the lightning that caused it right?!
ie cant msg or call .
its like 5 mins ago , my hp was in such a goood condition and after all the stupid lightnings.
my hp became this way .

ie felt so unlucky , my mood was horrible ie tell u .
so , went ie reach home .. ie called my mum and start complaining .
and she didnt believe me !
ie was like so so so pissed off ,
ie wanted someone to believe it was the freaking lightning that spoilt my hp.
ie called kaming and he too laughed !
ie was so so angry and upset that everyone thinks its a joke !
so mad until ie cried.
kaming : ok ok , i believe youuuu.

when mum reached home , again ie went to convince my mum to believe me that its the lightning that spoilt my hp .

mum : chu pattern liao loh . all want change hp right? i know...
me : NO LOH ! is rly the stupid lightning loh!
mum : sunday bring u go buy new hp lah.

oh wells , that did cheer me up alil :x ,
BUT still i want her to believe it was the lightning who spoilt my hp .
why is it that everyone thinks its impossible that the lightning spoilt my hp ?!
lightning has electric and so does a hp .
there is a possiblity alrights?

although it sounded really impossible ,
but ytd , the impossible happened okay !
so now im using my bro hp which have problems in charging the batt .
so , ie have to like keep switching batteries.
Oka oka , ie think ie said enough .
lol .

so , anws .. will be meeting a friend ie never see for a long time soon .
lol , after CNY den never see him alr.
looking forward to meet u before u go brunei uh , kaming :)
stay tune (:


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