5:28:00 PM

There are as many nights as days,
and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course.
Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness,
and the word "happy" would lose its meaning
if it were not balanced by sadness.

School as usual ,
had eng common test , which ie doubt ie can pass ?!
ie totally screw up everything , misunderstanding the qus.
damn !

Tmr will be chi common test , haiis !
good luck =.-

anws , went to trim my hair alil ytd .
thin my hair which ie feel , ie prefer thick !
raaah , ie dun rly like my hairstyle now ,
ie prefer my thick hair .
damn =.-
forget it , hair grows.

aftermath , went to eat with family at thomson .
yummy =P
and ltr headed off to bishan to find nana and geo .
head to town to meet one of nana friend, ate ..
den to cityhall to meet nana friend agains.
and EAT agains =.-
reach hm ard 12:30am.

im trying to slim down at least 3-5kg lahs.
im going to eat super less until ie reach my target! >.<
btw , ie wont suffer frm anorexia ppl !

so , here are the pics.
vainpot beside me . lol , I love her.
so cute hor

our cute pic , idiot nana went to del hers !
Thus , her punishment will be THIS.
Hahahahahas !

so , yeah .
here's more pic of my photoshoots.
me in sports wear .
sports wear 2.
night wear?
lol , damn , ie got to burn my tummy fats :(

stay tune (:


p / s : ie wanna gooooooo SWIMMING >.<

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