4:19:00 PM

Apologies are not enough.

Ok , IDK what the fuck happened to my USB cable :(
cant upload any pic at all .
super sad ,
haiis !

damn it , and im like so so tired right now .
still have SO MANY homework to do ,
plus miss chee added 3 MORE assignments in .
im not done with my holiday assignment lahs .
damn !

weather is getting so hot , its like raining NOW? and im sweating still .
im feeling so frustrated now , idk y .
im like pissed off with every single thing .

idk why , im having some sort of mood swings now .
im like pissed off with these , that , etc .
haiis !!

nana is coming to my house now ,
she asked me out to watch movie ..
but im broke , plus so many homework to do .
PLUS , not rly in the moood >.<
so , she decided to come to my house instead .

Alright , shall pause my complaining now.
stay tune .


p/s : thanks geo for buying bubbletea for me today , ily .

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