7:03:00 PM

The best proof of love is trust.

Shopping today .
lol , woke up at 10am , change and head off to have our breakfast .
after that shopped for our new hp .
decided to get LG viewty , wanted to get either nokia or sony ericsson .
But from what the uncle opinion ,
fone nowadays cant last ..
so , ie must well take something that's nice.
lol .

bro got his hp today , cause the color he wants was available ,
mine wasnt .
ie chose pink . will be getting them on wed :)

5 megapixels , ie like .
their music isnt that bad , nort as noisy as sony ericsson.
so , overall , ie think its somehow better than sony ericsson in SOMMEE ways :p
ie was actually attracted the LG prada , it look super coool .
but it cost 1.2k =.-
what the hell!
damn , so... chose a cheaper one .
im nort going to spend 1.2k on a stupid phone loh .
lol .

after that , headed off to bugis and shopped.
bought myself a sweater and a top :)
and went to shop for my foundation , spent $143 ,
ie spent super alot today lahs .
damn it.

dad : wah ! $100+ for foundation which is only powder?!
mum : yeah lah , den what u think .. not cheap de ok .
cas : Now u see ur daughter , everything all dont like to anyhow spend $$$ , but on make up ..
ie definitely will spend :)

No choice lah , ie feel its impt for a person to use a good foundation so that it will
nort be tooo harmful for our face ..
but , im not those use alot of foundation , so ...
this foundation will last me at least coming 2 years .
so , ie guess its worth it lahs :)

Anws , ie got some of my common test results back .
and , im nort happy with my eng and chi .
shags ~
seldom fail these subject , but this time ie failed =.-
haiis , its quite disappointing .
but ie guess its a wake up call , this shows im not studying hard enough.
i still have a long way to go man!
damn ,
social studies , scored 18/25 .
nort bad ie guess , but thats cause there was a fact sheet to help .
ie believe ie might fail if w/o fact sheets as the topic for this common test is super big .
bigger than globalisation lah !

swee's birthday is coming alr ,
hohoho .
cant wait sia :)
what do u wan for ur birthday honey ?
hahahhaas .
and ie feel like going zouk on 15th march >.<
should ie?
hmmmms :/

cas : wah , ie must go clubbing soon , ie wan go zouk this time.
mum : ie young that time go zouk and i must say , their music is good.
cas : rly? wah , like that must go.
mum : yeah , u will like the music , its goood .

Hahahaas !
anws , im super tired and bored now.
cause there's nothing to do at my aunt's house.
bro is busy with his new hp * jealous!
oh wells , mine will arrive on wed .
weeets ~
Ok , stay tune (:


P / S : it isnt my fault that things turn out this way right?

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