7:33:00 PM

Just reach home ,
mum didnt work today she fetched me from sch .
went to hougang to eat :)

got some funny pic , but .....
my phone !
arrggghhh .
forget it , will upload it when i have the chance okay ?

thr's so many homework pilling up .
cause , ie didnt do my holiday assignment ,
and now im starting to regret , i have math , science , poa HOMEWORK .
and they airn just 1 page or what ...
thr's alot of question !
damn , why was i so lazy during 1 week holiday .
i should have be the good girl and stay home to complete my work ,
den i wouldnt be in such a stress state now.
haiis !

worst , cause mum brought me out TODAY ,
ie dont have the time to complete my home .
TMR , i have tution .
sheeess ~
im so dead .
yes , its my wrong for being lazy .
haiis :(

im not feeling well , headache ..
mum said im just tired .
but , i dont think so .
ive been like this since ytd ...
my head seems to be spinning .
damn !
who wanna cook congee for me >.<

alrights , i will update soon once my hp can upload pic .
i got some fcuking cute pic to show lah !
wasted man!

Oh , here are some overdue pic :)

nana without glasses , me with glasses :D
nana with glasses and me without glasses.
Both of us with glasses :D
hahahas , its not we posed like this .
its like first nana say dont wear glass , i went to wear it .
den ltr she saw me wearing glasses , she wore hers , den i took off mine .
hahaas ,
and finally .. we both wore it together !

trying to be funny hor :)
Oh wells , the pic turns out nice tho !

stay tune (:


p / s : pimples are popping out !! :( * sobs! *
hopefully its just cause my reddie are coming ..
ie hate seeing pimples on my face , it hurts my heart and spoil my day !!

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