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Love never dies a natural death.
It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source.
It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals.
It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of withering, of tarnishing.

Went out with family ,
and im at my auntie house now :)

waiting for georgina aw shi yaa to reach ,
1 week holiday , like finally :D
hahahas , but thr's plenty of holiday homework at home waiting for me to do them .
im kinda lazy to do any homework =.-
guess ie will do them sooon !

Anws , new song people!

natsukashii itamidawa
(it's a pain that lied in my memory)
zutto mae ni wasureteita
(that I did not remember for a long time)
demo anata wo mita toki
(But when I saw you)
jikan dake atomodori shita no
(only the time went backward)

"Shiawase?" to kikanaide
(Don't ask me, "happy?" )
uso wo tsuku nowa jouzujanai
(I am not good at telling a lie)
tomodachi nara irukedo
(Although I have friends)
anna niwa moeagarenakute
(I could not have that much passion)
ushinatta yume dakegautsukushiku mieru nowanaze kashira
(I wonder why only the lost dreams look beautiful)
sugisatta yasashisa mo ima waamai kioku
(sweet memories)

Sweet memories
Don't kiss me baby we can never be
So don't add more pain
Please don't hurt me again

I have spent so many nights
Thinking of you longing for your touch
I have once loved you so muchanokoro wa wakasugite
(We were too young back then)

itazura ni kizu tsukeatta futari
(Two of us hurt each other without vain)
iro aseta kanashimi mo ima watooi kioku
(The faded saddness is already a memory of long time ago)

stay tune (:


P / S : am i falling for someone :/
am i ? am i ? am i ?
is it possible?

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