4:20:00 PM

Sure I meant well, well look at what well-meant did.

Home , just finish eating ice creaam , yummy :p
anws , tmr going for class outing .
suppose to be on sat , but ie guess the show is ending this week ,
so , mdm loo planned it on tmr .
actually suppose to go take my hp , but mum said she will take for me :)
cant wait to see to my hp !
woots ~

Anws , tution ltr at 7:30 =.-
so late , ie wonder how am ie going to absorb everything.
im like super tired alr lah .
plus still must study for 2 hrs.
anws ,
got back history today , scored 14/25 .
tho pass, but nort very goood >.<
Luckily ie pass my Social Studies ,
so overall .. is 64/100 .
whew ~

anws , ie just wanna say something .
To kaming's gf :
Stop reading my blog lahs =.-
for god sake ,
u are becoming so annoying as day passes.
tho i dont even noe u , but u are annoying me .
why do u read my blog for?
goodness! im not going to snatch ur bf alrights ,
there is absolutely nothing for u to niggle about !
if u dont trust ur bf den u shouldnt be with him at all.

Be with him den come check on my blog for?
damn it , if u wan read , just keep ur bloody mouth shut .
like what ie write seems to bother u ,
so what if ie write about KAMING , as long as ie state it purely as F.R.I.E.N.D.S right?
ive been very tolerance about this whole matter , but u are pissing me off alr.
Because of u, ie must take note of what and how ie write incase
idk how , but in some ways ie affect ur r/s .
PLUS u asked me to del me and his blog was seriously quite uncalled-for.

hey girl , that blog is way OLDER den u and kaming's relationship ,
what makes u think this blog will be del-ed BECAUSE of u ?
u airnt no big fuck yeah.
im like so nice to stop posting in that blog cause ie noe that will piss u off .
now u come and check on my post ...
wth .
so , either u fk off or keep ur mouth shut .
Oh , grouch to kaming all u wan .
As if he can do anything about it =.-

ie didnt want to blog anything about this,
but ie feel like this is my blog and why is someone controlling me what to blog
and what not to blog ,
wtf , so ...
ie decided to say it here .
If u are unhappy with what ie wrote ,
u may give me a call and maybe ie will see ur side of view
and maybe del this post about u .
Its ok to be nosy , but nosy with a small mouth , Thankyou :)

stay tune (:


P/S : dont bother spamming my blog after u read it , cause ie will simply ban u if u spam me :)
P/s : i have my limits.

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