4:56:00 PM

Think with ur head not ur heart

ie know have not been blogging much ..
well , basically , my life have been a daily routine .
school , home and study .
and also because ie cant upload any pic , it makes me even lazier to blog anything.

Okay , and im blogging now is because ..
im waiting for my hair to dry :/
let me see if i can remeber anything for the past few days .
hmmms !
well , my life have been awesome and dull .
lol ,
the funniest thing ie can remember is going to library with the ladies on friday :)
its the first time we actually went to the library to borrow books .
its a very wonderful experience .
borrow 3 books , but its not rly that interesting .
they dont really attracts me , unlike twilight , new moon , etc .
ie couldnt even take my eyes off the book!
But those book , ie couldnt even be bothered to read them .

and ytd , ie spent my day studying history .
re-test on mon , ie rly wish i can pass so that i wont have to sit for the re-re-test .
yes , we are suppose to sit for as many RE-TEST as possible UNTIL we pass !
how cool is that huh ?!

Oh , and recently ie recieved 4 miss call from overseas .
wonder who called?
hahaas , was watching tv at my living room den decided to go up to my room .
den ie saw my phone ringing , wanted to pick up but that person hang .
is it possible that this call is from brunei ?
whether its from brunei or nort , its not my business .
too bad for him , not fated to hear my voice .
hehehes :B

Okay , i think ie will go do my make up now ,
stay tune (:


p / s : Life is great when u just live it to the fullest :)

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