3:28:00 PM

Who do you run to when the only person who can make you stop crying,
is exactly the one who is making you cry?

That quote is exactly a question ie always ask !
Hahahahas :D

Okay , im trying upload the pic from my hp , but something is wrong .
damn it , been trying for like 30 mins alr.
forget it , when ie fix the damn thing den ie will upload those overdues pic :(

Anws , congrats to our sch B division boys basketball for getting into championship ;D
Hahahas ,
went to watch basketball match with swee and raymond ytd .
but we won them by 10 over points .
weets ~
after that , accompanied swee to eat her lunch and rush back home to
changed and cab to yck agains .
ltr cab to sbw for weiseng's birthday .
Happy birthday my friend :)
hope u like the present ie bought for u !

Today is jogathooon =.-
went to amk mac park .
run until ie headache lahs ....
wah !
ie was still thinking abt jogging everyday from now on ..
just a light 20mins jog to keep slim .
but after running today , im having 2nd thoughts.
im like concentrating on keeping slim and study nowadays ,
not caring about anything else but that .
and it rly kept me super busy .. Hahahahas ,

will be going out with my beloved COUSINS tmr :)
and also maybe meeting sheryl and chia !
need to buy present for sweeeee .
her birthday celebration is on SUN .
yet ie still have no idea what to get her :(
hummpf .
damn damn !

Oh , did ie mention that ie finally got breaking dawn from gary ?!
Hahahahas , and ie bought angel lens on an online blogshop .
should be arriving sooon ,
D.E is on this coming fri , hope my lens will arrive by then .
After D.E will be PROM NIGHT , woots ~
hahahaas !
ive no idea what dress to wear ... >.<
feeling like buying a new dress , but its like ..=.-
waste of money!

Alrights , im going to read breaking dawn now ,
stay tune (:


p / s : sometimes once a person reaches her limits ,
she will just turn and walk away ..
and that's the time she wont turn back and look at you anymore ..
cause what she sees when she turn back is only disappointment .
This is the time when she has reached her limit and this is when u will lose her forever.

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