9:19:00 PM


Just woke up from afternoon naps =.-
its been quite some time since ie took an afternoon nap ,
so it feels .... quite shuang !

Hahahhas ,
ie realise im neglecting this blog ever since sch starts ,
guess studies comes first right?
plus , im super stress up with POA !!!
she giving homework everyday ,
and everything are pilling up ,
its not that i dont wants to do her work .

its like , u guy have no idea how long ie take to do just ONE qustion .
i got to take out my sec 3-5 files , notebook , textbook .
flip them frm page to page , to see HOW and what i must do with that qustion .
PLUS , i have no idea whr to start .
its impossible ie spent my whole day just doing her fucking homework right?!
its not like that's my impt subject lah !
i have so many more impt subjects to concentrate on , puh-leeease !

Todays , poa lesson was on ratio ..
and seriously , cause i was absent and missed out her notes ,
i seriously have no idea what she's babbling abt .
so i fall asleep ..
and when i decide to wake up and wash my face ..

me : can i go toilet .
her : obviously not .

i was pissing off cans?
so , i thought ... ' okay den , fuck it .' went back to my table and sleep .
its like years i gave teacher such attitude .
but i cant blame her for being angry with me for fall asleep in her class .
But she cant blame my brain cells for falling asleep in her class too right?
her lesson = catch no balls !!

so , just nice msg came .
actually ytd , thr's this casting for SIA ads.
but the timing isnt right , 10am.
ie rly wanted to go as the $$$ was attractive.
but mum said ie cant skip sch for this .
so , ie had to say no .
but then today , i got a msg saying casting until 3pm .
so , i decided to ask mum to call the sch and let me leave sch early ..
left sch at 1:30 , rushed to changed ..
i rly need to buy more heels man!
was prepared by 2:15+ , dad immd drove to brilliant manufacturing bldg ..
thanks daddy , although u was sick , u still rushed for me :)
iloveyou ♥

The casting didnt went well tho ..
ie was told to do certain pose , but my hands are all stiff .
lol !
hopefully , i can get the ads !

And and and , sorry sheryl♥ !
ie ps u today , eeeks >.<
never accompany u for P.E.
sorry yeah ?

Oh , my precious nana found a job :)
work hard alrights?!
will visit u sooon , hehehes :B

Okay , i have so many pic to post up ,
like steven's birthday ?
went to celebrate mr wheao birthday ytd ..
ate at the coffee express ,
den head down to kaijie's house to slack at the swimming pool thr ,
until abt 10:30 , home :)
happy birthday , mr wheaaaoooo :B

pray hard , the USB thing work soon , dammit !
so yeah , geo asked me if i want to go zouk on sat ,
decided to go , since geo's friend is signing us in :)
free entry.

Alrights , bro finish tution .
going out for dinner :)
stay tune (:


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